Mari Garrigue is a Slovakian singer, composer and a producer currently based in the UK who brings together conventional and experimental musical approaches. 

Her music combines expressive silky deep warm voice and elements of jazz, electronic-ambient, cinematic and experimental music.

Her sound triggers the listener’s imagination and draws a picture of a dream-like world. Combining instruments with sounds from our daily life she captures the immersing feel of nostalgia while her use of technology brings in the drive of modern life.


Gestural controllers became an inseparable part of my music. The more I use this technology, the more integrated and the less intrusive its presence becomes.  By engaging the body through natural gestures, the artist pays less attention to technology. A gestural controller is an expressive tool that gradually becomes a part of your body. It blends in and you no more think of it as a separate entity. The gestural controller becomes a translator of human movement and the artist can determine the language and the style of the speech.


Collaboration with S.hel


Together with S.hel, we are working on an immersive album that blends jazz, electronic, neoclassical, cinematic and ambient music. Every sound and instrument is carefully designed to be a part of the narrative. This album is a part of my long-term research and a path of building a sonic world based on designed virtual instruments and synthesizers. These instruments are designed with the purpose to be interactively triggered and manipulated by the two performers and their body movement. The gestural controller ‘Wave’ enables them to use their body as an instrument. However, this instrument on its own is speechless. The designers of the mapping strategy determine its language, limitations and strengths.


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